International Katarzyna Myćka
Marimba Academy


IKMMA 2013

Encounter new compositions, obtain new performance practice, exchange experiences, cultivate friendships at the 6th IKMMA in Luxemburg from September 6–15, 2013.

The tried and tested basic idea: 32 students are given the opportunity to work intensively with 6 highly qualified professors each day. In lessons and rehearsals with chamber ensembles, the participants come closer to each other musically and are also able to sound out playing together with another instrument than the marimba within the framework of the new academy section "Marimba +". Appearances at concerts round out the academy for all the participants.

This time, beyond the daily academy workload, the 1000-year-old old city of the polyglot "Lëtzebuerg" allures with a mighty fortress, secluded narrow streets, and lots of international culture.

I very much look forward to collaboration with our Luxemburgish host Prof. Paul Mootz as well as with Netty Glesener, the general manager of IKMMA this year. She looks back on 25 years of experience in organizing international percussion competitions. With her, our marimba academy is, therefore, in the best of hands!

Thanks to the kind support of Marimba One, YAMAHA, ADAMS, PPP, Malletech, NORSK Musikforlag, and other companies, we will once again have many instruments at our disposal so that we can use the time together optimally.

It was once again possible for us to obtain Pedro Carneiro (Portugal) and Shoko Sakai (Japan; marimba professor at the Wroclaw music academy) as teachers for the IKMMA. New on the team are three other renowned soloists and professors: Brian Zator (USA; Director of Percussion, Texas A&M University, Commerce, TX), Beverley Johnston (Canada; University of Toronto) and Paul Mootz (Luxemburg; professor for percussion at the Luxemburg Conservatory), who will devoted himself especially to "Marimba +". Conrado Moya will accompany us as an assistant.

I'm happy to confirm the presence of Mr. Anders Koppel as IKMMA 2013 composer.

IKMMA 2013 IKMMA 2013 日本語

Schedule IKMMA 2013

in general 10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.
single lessons, practice time
10.00 a.m. - 6 p.m. Chamber music rehearsals

Sept. 6th Cons. 6.30 p.m. welcome dinner
Sept. 7th Cons. * 7 p.m. opening concert with teachers
Sept. 8th Cons. ** 7 p.m. concert with students & teachers
Sept. 9th Cons. ** 5 p.m. marimba clinic with Ron Samuels
7 p.m. concert with students & teachers
Sept. 10th Cons. * 7 p.m. concert / Portrait Anders Koppel/ students & teachers
Sept. 11th MUDAM *** 5 p.m. concert with students & guest Tatiana Koleva
Sept. 12th Cons. ** 7 p.m. concert with students & teachers
Sept. 13th Cons. ** 7 p.m. concert with students & teachers
Sept. 14th Cons. * 7 p.m. final concert with students & teachers
Sept. 15th Cons. ** 11 a.m. farewell concert, diplomas

* Auditoire, Conservatoire, Merl 33 r. Charles Martel, 2134 Luxembourg
** Musée, Conservatoire, Merl 33 r. Charles Martel, 2134 Luxembourg
*** MUDAM - Musée d'Art Moderne "Grand-Duc Jean", 3 Park Drai Eechelen, 1499 Luxembourg

Katarzyna Myćka

I am very excited about further interesting guests (whose names will soon be announced) as well as about all the challenges and discoveries at the next IKMMA!

Katarzyna Myćka