Katarzyna Myćka Projects

Marimba Solo

Richness of tone, fine expressiveness, and a range of five octaves: the marimba, on which up to six tones can be hit at the same time, does not have to hide behind the piano as a solo instrument.

Program proposal:

  • J. S. Bach – III Cello Suite C-dur
  • Anna Ignatowicz – Toccata
  • Keiko Abe – Kazak Lullaby
  • S. Prokofjev/Eric Sammut - Romeo & Julia
  • - Pause -
  • Fr. Chopin/Eric Sammut - The Revolutionary
  • David Friedman – Between Dusk and Dawn
  • Ney Rosauro – Variations Over Evelyn Glennie’s A Little Prayer
  • A. Piazzolla/Eric Sammut – Libertango