Katarzyna Myćka Projects

Marimba and string quartet

It does not always have to be the piano that complements a string quartet: how fruitfully the piano’s place can be filled by the marimba is shown by the artistic collaboration that connects Katarina Mycka with the Mandelring Quartet.

The winning of important competitions – Munich (ARD), Evian and Reggio Emilia (Premio Paolo Borciani) – catapulted this quartet onto the world’s leading concert stages. For now more than twenty-five years, the four strings have appeared at many renowned festivals and chamber music series. Their broad repertoire encompasses the “classics” as well as contemporary compositions. One focus is on rediscovering and recording unjustly “forgotten” works for string quartets, for example, by Goldschmidt, Onslow, and little known Brahms contemporaries.

Program proposal:

  • Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) / Eric Sammut (*1968) - Libertango for marimba solo
  • Lucas Guinot (*1972) - “Luz“ for marimba & string quartet
  • Igmar Alderete Acosta (*1969) - "Sones de América" for Marimba & string quartet
  • Antonín Dvorák - String quartet op. 96 “American”
  • ****
  • Daniel Schnyder (*1961) - "Zoom In" for marimba & string quartet
  • arr. by Werner Thomas-Mifune - 3 Tangos
    1. "La vi llegar", Enrique Francini
    2. "El 58", Hector Varela
    3. "Cafetin de Buenos Aires", Mariano Mores
  • Leonard Bernstein (1918 - 1990) / Martin Gerigk (*1972) - West Side Story (Suite) for marimba & string quartet