Katarzyna Myćka Projects

Johann Sebastian Bach – Goldberg Variations

Goldberg Variations by Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 988 are considered to be one of the absolute master pieces of the composer. It's one of the best examples of polyphonic music in the musicalhistory.

The Theme–Air followed by 30 variations written in the baroque at the request of harpsichord player Johann Gottlieb Goldberg has been called one of the most virtuosic pieces of their time.

To present this full piece on two marimbas for the first time means a technical and musical challenge for both performers.

Katarzyna Myćka and Conrado Moya's goal is to play the piece in the possibly original way, strictly following rules of the baroque interpretation and ornamentation, but also using enormous sound possibilities of modern marimbas. This project brings marimba to a different level as a musical instrument, helpful to get accepted by the general classical music audience.