IKMMA 2013 Luxembourg


Everytime I'm asked to describe what IKMMA is like, I'm always saying that IKMMA is the perfect place to enjoy making music, develop as a performer, find inspiration for further artistic improvement, and making friendship that last and extends far beyond the 10 days the Academy takes place.


This edition was no exception. Situated in Luxembourg City, at the Coservatory of Music, 32 students got together to participate in the Marimba Academy and take part in chamber music rehearsals, enjoy the opportunity to learn from some of the worlds best marimba players in open lessons, and perform in daily concerts.


The Professors this year was of the utmost quality, and besides the founder Katarzyna Mycka the Academy could present following line-up; Brian Zator (Usa), Beverly Johnston (Canada), Pedro Carneiro (Portugal) Paul Mootz (Luxembourg) and Shoko Sakai (Poland). Conrado Moya (Spain) assisted in the rehearsals and lessons, and Tatiana Koleva (Bulgaria) appeared as a special guest performer.


As a participant, one of the most inspiring things with IKMMA is the chance to meet the Composer in residence. Every edition, a composer who has contributed to the marimba repertoire is asked to visit the Academy to teach and talk about his or her music. This event is summed up by a Portrait concert, where the students play the music from this composer.

This year, the great composer and person Anders Koppel was generous enough to share his knowledge with the students. It was such a great experience to play his music to him and hear his thinking about his compositions! A very special IKKMA memory!


Furthermore, the chamber music is truly a foundation of the Academy. A couple of weeks before the Academy, we did receive scores of chamber music, which we prepared before coming to the academy. 

In Luxembourg we were put together in ensembles, and we immediately started to rehearse toward a performance during the Academy.

We played mostly in marimba ensembles, but also together with other instruments, played by students at the conservatory. A great way to find out about different settings in which the marimba works well!


IKMMA is known for it's noncompetitive spirit, and focusing this much on chamber music is really helping out to initialize this feeling of that it's way better to play with eachother, than against eachother.


Much because of this spirit, the Academy is also such a great breeding ground for friendship! It's so amazing to get together with people who share the same passion, and strives towards the same goal, who is willing to share their knowing and help friends who share the same philosophy!


I'm so happy that i stumbled upon this Academy, it really is the place where dreams come true, and new dreams are generated for anyone who loves marimba! 

Thank you everyone involved for this very special edition, I will always keep these memories close, and I'm already looking forward to the next edition!